Across the world
Two boys are crying,
Both wanting more
And tired of trying.


I‘ve had these Iron On Embroidery sheets for a while (probably around a year) and I finally got around to using them.¬†Doesn’t it feel good to finally accomplish something after a while? Even if it’s the littlest of things, it can make the day better.



Being the super self reflective virgo that I am, its hard for me to be emotionally connected. It’s hard for me to show emotion, and I put up this front all the time. It’s not really customary for men/boys/males in general to show emotion because it’s deemed “immasulcine” which isn’t really constructive. I wanted to put this on a T shirt specifically as a commentary on this attitude. Men can cry, Women can cry, babies cry. We all just need to stop trying so hard and go about our lives.

All black is my go to. I’ve had people question me (many many many many many times) on my choice of wearing black with limited color. Personally I wear it because I don’t like to stand out too much. Black makes me feel quiet, plus it’s easy. I can throw some color into the mix and it’ll match, but that’s if I feel like it, which isn’t that often. I recently picked up these Doc Martens and haven’t taken them off since. I’ve always wanted a pair and I’m super happy that I did. They’re perfect all weather shoes which is great since I never really know what kind of day it’ll be weather wise.
I’m wearing my DIY Shirt (You can buy the lettering at any craft store), Jeans and Jacket are by All Saints, and Doc Martins. Poem by Ray Mather


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