In cold spring air the white wisp-

visible breath of a blackbird singing— 

we don’t know to un- wrap these blind- 

folds we keep thinking we are seeing through

Rain has replaced the snow, making my view a truly moody one. I’m excited, because it’s getting warmer out and that heavy feeling of winter is creeping away. Personally I love when it rains, and I’d take the gloom over any other type of weather (ok i do love a good sunny day especially in the summer.) Read on to see what some of my go-to’s have been for this early spring!


There’s nothing like standing alone in a wide open field with fog slowly rolling off the hills. It’s quiet, and all you have to yourself is your thoughts, and thats the time to think. I’m good at thinking, in fact I probably thought about every outcome of any situation imaginable. Or perhaps its because I’m a virgo and I’m neurotic. Take your pick.

Everything I’m wearing from the waist up is borrowed. But I promise you I gave it back (no. no i didn’t). I took my dads work shirt because I like the color, and it’s perfect for this time of year, and wore it with this really awesome rain jacket that’s a little over sized and a nice light layer. I’ve practically been living in these jeans that are by Zara, naturally, and the rips on the knees have gotten more and more larger as I’ve worn them. So I guess that makes them even more authentic? Or am I just getting bigger? Whatever. They’re cool. Another staple are my Doc Martens. I was a little disappointed when I got them because I ordered them online. I didn’t realize that they weren’t classic Doc’s but these modern light weight ones that I guess Urban Outfitters are currently carrying. I’ve made them work. Let me know what you guys think!