San Francisco isn’t really one of those quintessential “Fall Destination” like my good old New England. However, that doesn’t mean dressing for Fall isn’t a thing here in the Bay Area. However I wanted to try to capture the mood, through tones and texture. I’m a big fan of keeping to muted colors. It’s a great way to bring a high street vibe to any outfit while still sticking to a budget.

Below, I’ve linked each item to it’s source so feel free to check that out, each item is $70 or less which really isn’t that bad since you could rotate each of these items into to your wardrobe.

Khaki Jean Jacket, ASOS


I love a good jean jacket, and this one that I found on ASOS is pretty affordable and is that perfect fall staple. The khaki color really lends it self to the tones of fall especially if the leaves around you are changing. (Sadly not here in California, kinda wishing they did). My opinion? A good jacket can really help pull an outfit together.

 Floral Shirt, Zara




I don’t know what to say other than, I love the print, I love the color and I’m adding it to my shopping cart right now.

Slim Fit Chinos, Zara


I usually wear jeans, so incorporating chinos was different for me. However, I’m taking inspiration from Balenciaga’s Fall/Winter 2017 line. It’s that classic staple and I just haven’t gotten into it yet. I wanted to add something that I usually don’t wear and these are absolutely one of those items!

Disruptor II Sneaker, FILA


I’m kind of obsessed with this really chunky sneakers by FILA. They remind me slightly of the Raf Simons x Adidas collab that everyone is obsessing over (including me). I think slipping these bad boys on adds something to the look AND the price point isn’t that bad either.





I envisioned this as one cohesive look, however you could totally add these into your regular rotation and mix them up a bit. What items are you thinking of for the fall? Let me know what you think!