Mais l’important n’est pas la chute,
C’est l’atterrissage 

I don’t know if it’s just me getting used to the weather in California or it’s just getting cooler out, but I can now actually go outside and wear a jacket and NOT become a sweaty mess. It’s a godsend because in my opinion it’s not Fall unless you’re wearing a clean jacket while you’re out and about. This Suede Moto Jacket from Barney’s really is that quintessential jacket for the Fall season.

I’m going, to be honest, I’m really bad at dressing for the seasons (you’d think I know better since I grew up in New England), but in general, I do find Fall the easiest season to dress for. In my opinion, it’s this season that offers a great opportunity for you and your closet because you can layer and that gives you the most options. By layering, you can really achieve a chic but practical look. Scroll down to check out how I styled this awesome jacket! 





What is your must-have item this fall? I’d be curious to know!


[For those interested, the quote is from Le Haine]